Manual Aging Infrastructure: Dam Safety

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While dams have multiple benefits, they also represent a risk to public safety and economic infrastructure. This risk stems from two sources: the.
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To identify deficiencies that could cause dam failures, the federal government established inspection requirements for the nation's federal dams.

Once deficiencies are identified, most agencies finance repairs through their operation and maintenance accounts. Funding mechanisms vary for larger rehabilitation activities. At the Bureau of Reclamation, for example, most larger repairs are conducted with annual appropriations to its dam safety program. At some other agencies, dam rehabilitation must compete with other construction projects for funding.

Competing factors for the sizing of a new dam in the Orange River, South Africa. Comprehensive evaluation of long-term performance of vertical anti-seepage reinforcement measures for embankment dam.

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Concrete dam crack monitoring system with high-resolution image processing. Condition grade valuation of medium and large dams in South Africa. Construction of a tunnel spillway at large water depth.

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Contribution to the increase of the hydrological safety of tailings dams. Control method of water bloom using characteristics of reservoir ecosystem. Dam clinic novel approach for effective operation and maintenance of large dams in Iran. Dam concrete compaction management system. Dam foundation design for the main dam at Nam Ngiep1 hydropower project in Laos.

Dam safety information system in Finland. Dam safety risk assessment of Shatoot storage dam. Damage observation in earthdam using pile group system under strong vibration. Dams design and construction challenges of Peter Sutherland Sr. Decision support system for water resources planning in karun river basin. Deformation monitoring of rockfill dams in normal times and after earthquakes using satellite SAR data.

Delft3D morphological modelling of sediment management in daily peaking run-of-the-river hydropower PROR reservoirs in Nepal. Density current flux due to bubble plume using a new air energy system. Desalination process as an important role in design of Sei Gong Dam as an estuary dam located in small island. Design and construction of high asphalt core embankment dams. Design and execution of durable levee rehabilitations - Overtopping for extreme flood events is considered. Design of dams for mining industry. Design substantiation of dikes for salt dumps and brine storage.

Determination of limit values for safety assessment of embankment dam. Development and application of distributed run-off model for dam basin. Development and operation of sustainable hydropower infrastructures examples as good practices. Development of baseline weibull reliability curves for USACE hydropower and flood risk management projects. Development of guidelines for a levee safety program. Development of new maintenance program for scouring measures at downstream of dam.

Development of remediation options for an ageing dam.

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Development of stage-discharge relationship in the river upstream of a small dam. Developments in the design, construction and operation of large capacity multi Strand Anchors in Australia. Discussion for evaluation of seismic risk analysis of dams in Iran. Discussion on method lockage flow weir sluice water diversion project. Dynamic analysis for fixing dam general foundation and expected permanent deformation of logia dam. Dynamic analysis of concrete gravity dams in crack presence considering the dynamic interaction of dam.

Dynamic interaction of submerged intake towers with dam and foundation.

Isabella Dam Safety Project

Earthquake damage estimation of concrete gravity dams. Eastern Nile trans-boundary cascade dams spillway design flood estimation techniques and selection criteria. Effect analysis of the flow aeration on the hydraulic characteristics of free-flow spillway tunnels and flip buckets. Effect of clay minerals on the resistant of clay core against hydraulic fracturing. Effect of ground motion excitations on seismic response of concrete gravity dams. Effects of inhomogeneous rock foundation on the static stability of gravity dams including seepage through the foundation.

U.S. Dam Safety Improves But Faces Evolving Risks - Circle of Blue

Efficient repairing and reinforcement method for AFRD damaged by the earthquake. Efficient solution for remediation of water canals — case history of usage of Bituminous geomembrane for reconstruction of derivation canal dikes in Slovakia. Engineering simplified method for calculating earthquake-induced settlement and pore pressure rise.

Estimating the effect of ice pressure on a concrete dams displacement with regression models. Evaluating favorable conditions for sediment transport in reservoirs Champagneux dam case study, France.

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Evaluating permeability and groutability at the Karun 4 dam Iran using Lugeon values and grout Take. Evaluating the impacts of improving irrigation efficiency on water resources system reliability. Evaluation of dam safety during floods. Evaluation of the effect of concrete blocks on seismic response of Bhumibol Dam using in-situ dynamic tests. Evaluation procedure for the dam safety by analysis which used stochastic approach to measurement data.

Experience and prospect of dam surveillance system in China. Experimental and numerical investigation of a labyrinth weir at Turhal Dam. Experimental Study on gate hydraulics and flow-Induced vibrations of emergency gate. Fibre-optic temperature monitoring for seepage detection in embankment and tailings dams. Field experiment of bedload transport rate measurement at sediment bypass tunnel. Findings of the USSD blind prediction workshop for seismic event at a concrete dam.

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Flood control reservoir Neuwuerschnitz — a successful compromise between dam engineering and environmental protection. Flood mitigation system of the Warsamson Hydro Electric Power Plant reservoir during flood discharge.

Flood protection schemes in Sultanate of Oman. Foresighted reservoir management with long-range forecasts and hydro-meteorological indices. Further study on sudden enlargement step aerator. General aspects and engineering properties of black shale mining material used for embankment dams.

Grouting method for dam reservoir foundation by effective use of ground water flow. Harnessing extra energy from Kenyir dam during monsoon season. Hydro mechanical equipment of Sabalan dam. Identification of safety risk factors based on improved analytic hierarchy process for earth dams. Improving biodiversity management. Improving modified icold method with loss of life index for dam safety risk assessment in Indonesia. Improving spillway capacity in Germi Chay dam. Increase quality in dam construction by using optimized formwork solution in combination with concrete.