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When Elizabeth (Eli said El-lee to everyone) Snow's parents die just before her sixteenth birthday she becomes a very wealthy young lady and is left with.
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A statistical model that used Eurasian snow cover as its main predictor successfully forecast the observed cold winter temperatures. We propose that the large melting of Arctic sea ice may be related to the rapid advance of snow cover, similar to the connection made in studies of past climates between low Arctic sea ice and enhanced continental snowfalls and glacial inception via ice sheet growth. Dynamical models fail to capture this pattern, instead showing maximum warming over the Arctic Ocean and widespread winter warming over the adjacent continents.

We suggest that the simulated widespread warming may be due to incorrect sea ice-atmosphere coupling, including an incorrect triggering of positive feedback between low sea ice and atmospheric convection, resulting in significant model errors that are evident in seasonal predictions and that potentially impact future climate change projections. Cohen, J. Jones, J. Furtado, and E.

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Abbot, D. Sea ice, high latitude convection, and equable climates. Controls on the activation and strength of a high latitude convective-cloud feedback. Walker, and E. Can a convective cloud feedback help to eliminate winter sea ice at high CO 2 concentrations? Alexander, M.

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Stratosphere-troposphere coupling and links with Eurasian land-surface variability. Eurasian snow cover variability and Northern Hemisphere climate predictability. Improved skill for Northern Hemisphere winter surface temperature predictions based on land-atmosphere fall anomalies. Foster, M. Barlow, K. Saito, and J. Furtado, M. Barlow, V.

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Alexeev, and J. Increasing fall snow cover and widespread boreal winter cooling. Asymmetric seasonal temperature trends. A new index for more accurate winter predictions. Deser, C. Magnusdottir, R. Saravanan, and A. Part II. Direct and indirect components of the response. Ewing, M. A theory of ice ages. Science ,—1, Fletcher, C. Kushner, and J. Stratospheric control of the extratropical circulation response to surface forcing.

Francis, J. Evidence linking Arctic amplification to extreme weather in mid-latitudes. Gent, P.

Arctic sea ice decline

Danabasoglu, L. Donner, M. Holland, E. Hunke, S. Jayne, D. Lawrence, R. Neale, P. Rasch, M.

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Vertenstein, and others. Ghatak, D. Deser, A. Frei, G. Gong, A. Phillips, D. Holland, M.

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Bitz, E. Hunke, W. Lipscomb, and J. Influence of the sea ice thickness distribution on polar climate in CCSM3. Finnis, A. Barrett, and M. Projected changes in Arctic Ocean freshwater budgets.

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Honda, M. Inue, and S. Influence of low Arctic sea-ice minima on anomalously cold Eurasian winters. Hopsch, S. Cohen, and K. Analysis of a link between fall Arctic sea ice concentration and atmospheric patterns in the following winter. Hoskins, B. The potential for skill across the range of the seamless weather-climate prediction problem: A stimulus for our science.

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Jaiser, R. Dethloff, D.

Handorf, A. Rinke, and J.

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  5. Impact of sea ice cover changes on the Northern Hemisphere atmospheric winter circulation. Kalnay, E. Kanamitsu, R. Kistler, W. Collins, D. Deaven, L. Gandin, M. Iredell, S.