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When I was starting out I invested time into educating myself. I read book after book on becoming a professional speaker and the speaker industry in order to know everything I could to help improve myself and my chances of succeeding as a paid mental health speaker. As your speaking career begins to grow, you will meet more people than you can imagine. Infusionsoft is the tool I use to help you manage all of my relationships, the store on this site, and my email newsletter. It is crucial to have a professional website for yourself as a paid mental health speaker.

Your website will be the place where event planners go to find more about you. Social media accounts can be useful, but they are not a substitute for your own website. Having your own website also improves your chance of being found if event planners are searching online for a speaker to hire.

Understand your message

This not as difficult to setup as what you might think. Platforms like BlueHost make it easy to set up and run a WordPress website. Their customer service is phenomenal and they can help you every step of the way. Sites like UpWork allow you to post jobs that freelancers will bid on.

You can see samples of their work and communicate what you are looking for. After you deliver a presentation, free or paid, you need to have a system in place to follow up with the event planner. Ask the planners for a testimonial letter or event just a short testimonial to include on your website. Encourage them to leave feedback on your social media accounts as well.

How to Become a Paid Mental Health Speaker

Most event planners may also know other organizations that you should be contacting. Your story and the message will always be a large part of what you are sharing, but you need to always be thinking of your audience. When you tailor your message to the audience it helps them easily connect with you.

Always remember who you are talking to and why you are doing it. Your goal is to provide this specific audience with valuable information that they can apply in their life, whether they work with others that struggle with mental health issues, or if they need the information personally. In order to tailor your message the right way, you need to learn about your audience.

Talk to the event planner and find out all that you can about their particular audience. Find out who will be attending and why are they attending. For example, your message to a group of new college students is going to be different than a presentation you give to mental health professionals.

This may be the toughest challenge for you. In the beginning of my career, I spoke for free at many events. It provided me the opportunity to practice my message, improve my speaking skills, and build my contact list. As you get more experienced, there are many factors that will contribute to what you can charge as a speaker.

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This includes your popularity, your reputation, and the types of events you are marketing to. There are many ways to find opportunities as a paid mental health speaker. For starters, you can begin looking online. It's not nearly as difficult as you might think. You just need to ask the right questions Fortunately, speaking in front of small groups like the local PTA or business leads club can have huge benefits for your business. If you're selling from a storefront, you need to know how many people in your target market live nearby.

If you're selling from a website, you need to learn about your prospective customers' online behavior and create videos yes that's public speaking too! Understanding how to locate your customers early on can help you establish a game plan once you start building a Public Speaking Marketing Strategy.

What's your Public Speaking Marketing Strategy?

Are you speaking to a low or high risk audience? Is it a relaxed environment where your audience is on your side no matter what comes out of your mouth? Socioeconomic background?

Client Attraction - How To Get Clients From Speaking Gigs

Education level? Marital status? Career choice? Religious or not so much? Once you find out all you can about the type of customer that will love your product, you can figure out exactly what to say.

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Look around you and ask yourself what events are coming up that would fit the subjects you speak on? Look at the events coming up in your city or community. You can always look at meetup. Otherwise, most businesses list themselves at the local chamber of commerce, giving you an opportunity to identify if their organization could utilize you as a speaker. There are also business networking events at which you could promote yourself.