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Mann also reveals how to make shelters in different environments, with special tips on snow shelters, debris and bamboo huts, lean-tos, and scout pits.

He also includes other tips, such as how to detect carbon monoxide poisoning, how to find insulation for any shelter, how big to make a shelter to retain your body heat, and much more. Publication Date: Series: U. Navy Seal Guide Format U. New here? We use this information to create a better experience for all users. Please review the types of cookies we use below.

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  • Description Creators Details Whether you're a SEAL on a mission or a hiker going for a casual stroll through the woods, you should always have a primary route and a secondary route into and out of an area. Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Languages English. Details Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Why is availability limited? Sign in Cancel. Add a card. Mass communication specialist. Mass communication specialists are public affairs and visual information experts.

    They present the U.

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    Navy story to audiences in the Navy and to the rest of the world through a variety of media. Mass communication specialists write and produce print and broadcast journalism , news , and feature stories for military and civilian newspapers , magazines , television and radio broadcast stations. They record still and video photography of military operations, exercises, and other Navy events. Minemen test, maintain, and repair mines and their components.

    They are responsible for assembling, testing, and delivering mines to the planting agent. They maintain minehandling and minelaying equipment. Their duties at sea include but are not limited to: operating mine hunting sonar, operating remote controlled submersibles in prosecuting mine-like contacts, rigging and deploying minesweeping gear as well as standing normal underway deck and combat information center watches.

    Missile technician. Missile technicians operate and maintain electronic , mechanical , hydraulic and pneumatic strategic weapon subsystems, test and operate the MK98 fire-control system and MK 6 guidance system , perform classified targeting operations, and provide physical security to nuclear weapon systems. Musicians play in official Navy bands and special groups such as jazz bands, dance bands and small ensembles. They give concerts and provide music for military ceremonies, religious services, parades , receptions and dances. Official unit bands usually do not include stringed instruments , but each musician must be able to play at least one brass , woodwind or percussion instrument.

    Sailors are selected for this rating through auditions. Navy counselor. Career Recruiter. Navy counselors offer vocational guidance to Navy personnel — individually and in groups — aboard ships and at shore facilities. They assess the interests, aptitudes, abilities and personalities of individuals and assist them in reaching their full potential. They are responsible directly to the command triumvirate CO, XO, CMC and report on many items such as retention, attrition, advancement, testing and various other facets of the career development program.

    Additionally, it is their keen eye and attention to detail that ensure personnel throughout the command are updated on current Navy policies in regards to career management, off duty education and administrative procedures, among various other responsibilities. Operations specialist.

    Operations specialists operate radar , navigation and communications equipment in the shipboard combat information centers CICs or bridges. They detect and track ships, planes, and missiles. They operate and maintain identification friend or foe IFF systems, electronic countermeasures ECM equipment and radio-telephones. Personnel specialist. Personnel specialists provide enlisted personnel with information and counseling about Navy jobs, opportunities for general education and training , and promotion requirements.

    They assist enlisted members' families with legal aid or reassignments in hardship situations. Personnel Specialists keep records up to date, prepare reports, type letters and maintain files.

    Navy Seal Full Training Documentary

    QM [III]. Quartermasters assist the navigator and officer of the deck OOD , steer the ship , take radar bearings and ranges, make depth soundings and celestial observations, plot courses and command small craft.

    Religious program specialist. Religious program specialists assist Navy chaplains with administrative and budgetary tasks. They serve as custodians of chapel funds, keep religious documents and stay in contact with religious and community agencies. They prepare devotional and religious educational materials, set up volunteer programs, operate shipboard libraries , supervise chaplains' offices and perform administrative, clerical and secretarial duties.

    They train personnel in religious programs and publicize religious activities. Special warfare boat operator.

    You’re a SEAL Stranded in Hostile Territory: What’s in Your Survival Kit?

    They participate in maritime interdiction operations, tactical swimmer operations, intelligence collection, operation deception , and coastal patrol. Ship's serviceman. Retail Service Specialists manage barber shops , tailor shops , ships' uniform stores, laundries , dry cleaning plants and cobbler shops. They serve as clerks in exchanges , gas stations , warehouses , and commissary stores. Special warfare operator. SEALs oversee ocean-borne mine disposal, carry out direct action raids against military targets, conduct reconnaissance , and secure beachheads for invading amphibious forces.

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    Sonar technician. Sonar technicians are responsible for underwater surveillance. They assist in safe navigation and aid in search and rescue and attack operations. They operate and repair sonar equipment and jam enemy sonars. Sonar Technicians operate, maintain and repair sonar systems, antisubmarine warfare fire control equipment and other various equipment associated with underwater detection, counter-detection, warfare and communications.

    Yeomen perform administrative and clerical work.

    Secrets of the Navy SEALs

    They deal with visitors, coordinate worldwide travel, submit passport applications, telephone calls and incoming mail , and assist various ships, squadrons, staff commands, and special warfare teams around the world with administrative tasks. They write and type business and social letters, notices, directives, forms and reports. Damage controlman. DC [I]. Damage controlmen perform the work necessary for damage control , ship stability, fire-fighting. They also prepare defenses against chemical, biological and radiological CBR warfare attacks.

    They instruct personnel in damage control and CBR defense and repair damage-control equipment and systems. Electrician's mate. Electrician's mates are responsible for the operation and repair of a ship's or station's electrical power plant and electrical equipment. They also maintain and repair power and lighting circuits , distribution switchboards , generators , motors and other electrical equipment.

    Specially qualified electrician's mates are employed onboard nuclear-powered ships to maintain the control subsystems in nuclear reactors. Enginemen are responsible for internal diesel and gasoline engines.